Guests, Renters, and Visitors

Guests ImageThe following guidelines are applicable for all Guests, Renters, and Visitors.
For a VOH community map and additional information, view our VOH Brochure.
VOH is subject to Currituck County Ordinances, covering topics like Beach and Dune Protection, Noise, and Golf Carts.
The following also apply to everyone in the community. Select the links to be redirected.
  • Safety First: This is a family community with many children.
  • Fire Danger: The entire area, including houses, is extremely flammable. No grilling under houses or decks. Place portable grills 15-feet away from houses, decks, and railings. Fires allowed only in existing hardscape firepits. No flame torches. No bonfires. No fireworks. No sky lanterns. Do not leave candles unattended.
  • Roadway: North Carolina and County rules apply to all vehicles (including Golf Carts, ATV, UTV, etc.). Community speed limit is 15 MPH.
  • Parking: Overnight parking is only allowed on residential driveways and parking pads. Street parking is prohibited. Permit required to park in community lots (including golf carts). No overnight, RV, trailer, or commercial parking in community lots. Trailers and watercraft must be stored in a carport.
  • Trash: Store trash cans under the house. Rollback cans within 48 hours of pickup. Only items inside provided cans will be collected. Pick up is in the morning Wednesdays year-round and Saturdays May 1 through October 31. Place cans at curb the evening prior. No dumping (including grease, charcoal, etc.).
  • Pets: Must be leashed. Pickup and dispose of waste. Several Pet Waste Stations are located throughout the community.
  • Storage: Place all personal and residence items (including bicycles) under the house or out of sight.
  • Exterior Lighting: Exterior lights are a nuisance to neighbors. Help support the Dark Sky Initiative by switching off exterior lights when not in use and no later than 11pm.
  • Dunes: Keep off the dunes. They are endangered and protected by law.
  • Sewer: Do not put garbage or grease in kitchen drains. Flush only human waste and toilet paper in toilets (no wipes, even if “flushable”).
  • No Trespassing: All lots are privately owned. Do not cut through. Use trails, paths, and sidewalks.
  • Wild Horses: Do not feed. Stay at least 50 feet away. They are endangered and protected by law.
    • If you see a horse outside of the 4x4 area, do not approach. Please call the Corolla Wild Horse Fund at (252) 453-8002 or, if after hours, the Sheriff's Non-Emergency number at (252) 453-3633.
  • Fitness Center Policy
  • Racquet Courts Policy
  • Policy on the U.S. Flag, NC Flag, and Political Signs
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