Sports Complex

Sports Complex Photo
The Villages at Ocean Hill (VOH) Sports Complex offers a variety of recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. Situated conveniently near the Fitness Center and Lakeside Pool, this complex provides ample opportunities for fun and fitness.
For those inclined towards team sports, there's a well-maintained basketball court and a sand volleyball court available. Additionally, for those looking for more sand volleyball action, another court is accessible on Fourwinds Court, just off Windance Lane, and across the Tasman Community Parking Lot.
Furthermore, the Sports Complex boasts two tennis courts and two pickleball courts (referred to as the Racquet Courts). A reservation is required during hours of operation (see below). Members have unlimited use of the racquet courts after hours. To make a reservation, see the instructions at Reservations. See our Racquet Courts Policy for additional information.
Families with children will appreciate the adjacent playground area, conveniently located near the tennis courts. Parking is available at either the Lakeside Pool or Fairwinds Lane parking lots, making access to the Sports Complex hassle-free. Several community paths and sidewalks surround the Sports Complex. See our VOH Brochure for a map of amenities and paths.
Equipment necessary for these activities can be obtained from the Fitness Center, ensuring everyone has what they need to participate.
NOTE: Reservations are limited to one hour per day, per house, and take precedence over walk-ins. Hourly fees may apply. Use of the courts is first come first served. If another party or person is waiting, play is limited to 1-hour. A person must always be present to hold their place in line. At least two people must be present at time of play or forfeit their place in line.
Racquet Court Fees:
  • Fees can be paid by cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard/Visa) at the Fitness Center prior to play and during hours of operation
  • $20 per hour for non-VOH guests staying outside of the VOH community
  • $15 per hour for VOH leaseholders (renters only) with proof of lease
  • The first hour fee each day is waived for Members and their in-house Guests (persons residing with the owner onsite and without compensation) and persons showing proof of residence in a RAP or RMP house
    • An additional hour for the same day has a fee of $20 per hour for Members, Guests, and RAP/RMP users.
  • Renters can check with their rental property agent (or Fitness Center staff) to inquire whether their house participates in the:
    • VOH Rental Advantage Program (RAP) or
    • Ocean Hills Recreational Membership Program (RMP)
  • Non-VOH Guests, Renters, and RAP users, must obtain a key and pay a $10 cash deposit (refundable upon return of the key) for the use of the courts (same day) at the Fitness Center during business hours. 
  • For Rent, if available: (cash only; located at Fitness Center; cannot guarantee condition or availability) 
    • Pickleball 4-Paddles with Balls: $5
    • Tennis Racket: $5
  • For Purchase, if available: (cash only; located at Fitness Center; cannot guarantee availability)
    • Tennis Balls: $5/can
    • Water: $1/bottle
Fitness Center Hours of Operation:
  • In-Season: 7:00am – 5:00pm (ET) daily (Saturday Memorial Day Weekend through Monday Labor Day)
  • Off-Season: 7:00am – 2:00pm (ET) daily, Monday through Saturday; closed Sundays (all other dates)
    • Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day
    • Closes at Noon (ET): Christmas Eve and New Years Eve